Rhombus IKLM has vertices J(−1,−4),K(1,1), and L(6,3). The coordinates ofM are (□)⋅(). [17,6]5.D

Kyran Hudson

Kyran Hudson

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Rhombus IKLM has vertices J(1,4),K(1,1), and L(6,3). The coordinates of M are ()(?).[17,6]5.D

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Skilled2020-12-08Added 95 answers

A rhombus is a parallelogram so its opposite sides are parallel. So, JKLM. To get from K to J, you move 2 units to the left (subtract 2 from x) and move 5 units down (subtract 5 from y). So, we to this from L to find M:

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