Whether p\equiv q\pmod m when p = 91, q=37, and m =9.



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Whether pq±odm when p = 91, q=37, and m =9.

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Definition used:
Let m be an integer greater than 1. If x and y are integers, then x is congruent to y modulo m if x — y is divisible by m. It can be represented as x=y±odm. This relation is called as congruence modulo m.
Given numbers are p = 91,q = 37, and m = 9.
For being congruence 91 — 37 = 54 has to be divisible by 9.
That is 54 = 6*9 +0.
Here, remainder is 0.
Therefore, 54 is divisible by 9.
Therefore, when p = 91, q = 37, and m = 9, pq±odm.

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