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What is the volume of this triangular pyramid?

What is the volume of this cylinder?
Use π3.14 and round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

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Kirsten Davis

Kirsten Davis

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Step 1
In this question we will use basic of geometry i.e formula of volume of triangular pyramid and volume of cylinder.
We will use volume of triangular pyramid=13*Area of base *Height
Volume of cylinder =πR2h
Solution of the above problem is in the step below.
As we know the formula of Volume of triangular pyramid
Volume of pyramid =13×Area of base×Height
As we can observe that
Area of base =12×B×h=12×15×10=75m2
Height of triangular pyramid =8m
Volume of pyramid =13×75×8=200m3
Volume of triangular pyramid =200m3



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As we know that the volume of cylinder =πr2h
Where; r= radius of cylinder =1.8 ft
h= Height of cylinder =4 ft
Volume of cylinder =π(1.8)2(4)
Volume of cylinder =40.6944ft3

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