Derive a relation between angles A,B and C



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Derive a relation between angles A,B and C.
Derive a relation between angles A,B and C (do not use other angles in the final relation):

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Collin Gilbert

Collin Gilbert

Beginner2022-09-02Added 11 answers

Step 1
If what they're really after is that C = A + B, then it is proven, for instance, in this video, by Numberphile (note that what they prove there is that A + B + C = 90 , but if you know that C = 45 , then we also have A + B = 45 , so C = A + B follows).
The proof works by extending the figure and adding two more right triangles with angle B. One then easily sees that the angles B and C appear next to the angle A, forming a right angle, A + B + C = 90
Step 2

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