Explain TWO strengths in using mean as a measure of



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Explain TWO strengths in using mean as a measure of central tendency.

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Ayesha Gomez

Ayesha Gomez

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Step 1
Data with regard to a single variable is called univariate data. Generally, frequency distributions are characterized by measure of central tendency. It is a property of concentration of the values around a central value In a data
Step 2
Two strengths are
1. To get a single value to represents the characteristics of the entire mass of data
2. To facilitate comparison.
In order to reduce the complexity of data and also make them comparable, it is essential that the data be reduced to one single figure. For example, if the comparison has to be made between marks in a subject obtained by group of 100 students belonging to one college and marks obtained by another group of 80 students of another college, it is no possible to arrive at any conclusion. If we write all these in one single value comparison is easy. So mean is very useful measure of central tendency.

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