What is sqrt(7)/sqrt(11) in simplest radical form?

Marcus Lane

Marcus Lane

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What is 7 11 in simplest radical form?

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Zackary Daugherty

Zackary Daugherty

Beginner2023-03-17Added 8 answers

We must first rewrite this type of expression so that the denominator is not an irrational number in order to write it in the simplest radical form. The phrase "rationalizing the denominator" describes this process. Consider 11 . This is an irrational number, and multiplying it by itself will allow us to replace it with a rational one. However, we can't just introduce 11 to the denominator. Therefore, we will multiply both the numerator and the denominator by 11 .
7 11 11 11 = 77 121 = 77 11
This is the simplest radical form of 7 11 .

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