To find: The solution of the equation 8.36-0.95=9.97



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To find:
The solution of the equation 8.360.95=9.97

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Step 1
Simples type of equation is called a linear equation or first degree equation (power of x=1). An equation contains terms which is either a constant or a non-zero multiple of the variable.
We solve the equations by changing it to an equivalent equation with all variables on one side and all constants on the other side.
Ex: 5x+2=12
Here x is called the variable. A variable is usually represented as letters. Here x is unknow and need to find the value that makes the equation true. The values that make the equation true are called solutions or roots of equation and the process of finding the values is called solving the equation.
Two equations with exactly same solution are called equivalent equations.
Properties of equality
a) X=Y X+Z=Y+Z
Adding the same quantity to both sides of an equation gives an equivalent equation.
b) X=Y XZ=YZ
Multiplying both sides of an equation by the same non zero value gives an equivalent equation.
Step 2
Given equation is 8.360.95x=9.97
Subtract 8.36 from both the sides,
Divide both the sides by 0.95,
Final statement:
Solution for the equation 8.360.95x=9.97 is x=1.69.

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