Let M,N and K be matrices of type 3 \times

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Alyce Wilkinson

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Let M,N and K be matrices of type 3×2,2×3 and 3×3 respectively, such that det (MN) =2 and det(K)=6. Then which of the following is the value of the det [(3MN)TK1]1?
a) 32.2 b)133.2 c) 232 d)324 e) 132

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Aamina Herring

Aamina Herring

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Step 1
Determinant properties help to find the determinant of the given matrix.
Determinant property for the multiples helps to do the required, which is defined as |kA|%{n}=kn|A|n.
Here k is the real number whereas A is the square matrix.
The determinant of the matrix is equal to the determinant of its transpose.
Step 2
Apply the determinant properties for the multiples to find the required answer.
Apply the determinant properties for the product of matrices, which is defined as |AB|=|A||B|.
Put the values of the determinants in equation (1) and solve.

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