To find the value of y. Given: \frac{y}{6}=\frac{7}{42}

Marvin Mccormick

Marvin Mccormick

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To find the value of y.
Given: y6=742

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Sadie Eaton

Sadie Eaton

Skilled2021-08-18Added 104 answers

Concept used:
As we know that from the definition, a mathematical equation signifying equality of two ratios is called as proportions. Proportion is used when three quantities are known and the fourth quantity is unknown. We can use equality of two ratios for finding the fourth unknown quantity. For example,
In the given proportion,
By using, cross-multiplication method, we get
The value of y is 1.
Jeffrey Jordon

Jeffrey Jordon

Expert2021-12-20Added 2605 answers

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