To explain: The reason why the ratio \frac{5}{1} is correct for



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To explain:
The reason why the ratio 51 is correct for the exercise 20.

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Nathanael Webber

Nathanael Webber

Skilled2021-08-17Added 117 answers

Writing ratios as fractions:
A ratio is the quotient of two quantities. A ratio, in fact, is no different from a fraction, except that a ratio is sometimes written using colon notation other than fractional notation.
For example, the ratio of 1 to 2 can be written as
1 to 2 or 12 or 1:2
12 is called fractional notation and 1:2 is called colon notation.
In exercise 20, the ratio of the width to the perimeter of the swimming pool =15
In this case, the numerator of ratio is 1 and the denominator of ratio is 5.
If we change the order of numerator and denominator of a ratio, it doesnt

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