To find: Miles per gallon based on the information given in



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To find:
Miles per gallon based on the information given in table.

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In the table, the beggining and ending odometer reading is given.
The distance covered/miles driven can be found by subtracting the beginning odometer reading from ending odometer reading.
Thus, miles driven =80,24279,895=347 miles.
The gallons of gas used is given as 16.1.
First, let's find the fractional form of miles per gallon.
In fractional form, 347 miles16.1 gallons=21.55 miles1 gallon
Rounding 21.55 to the nearest tenth: 21:6
The above unit rate can be written as 21.6 miles/gallon which is read as 21.6 miles per gallon.
In tabular form, the above data is represented as:
Beginning Odometer ReadingEnding Odometer ReadingMiles DrivenGallons of Gas UsedMiles per Gallon (round to the nearest tenth)79,89580,24234716.121.6
Final solution: The unit rate is 21.6 miles/gallon.

Jeffrey Jordon

Jeffrey Jordon

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