A soccer player scored 32 goals in 75 games. Write



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A soccer player scored 32 goals in 75 games. Write the player’s scoring rate as a unit rate.

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Daphne Broadhurst

Daphne Broadhurst

Skilled2021-08-18Added 109 answers

To solve this problem, simply set up a proportion depicting the ratio of the soccer player's scored goals as a numerator, and the quantity of games as the denominator 3275
Add a vertical equal sign on its side, and imply another fraction illustrating an available answer for the equation. reference the two denominators to correspond within measurement (be sure to label variables), drawing a one as the amount for the games, figuring out as to how the unit rate of goals is scored in one game: divide across from both proportions, and you should result with an answer of 0.43 goals per game

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