Simlify \frac{x+2}{x+1}-\frac{x+1}{x+1}

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Step 1
The addition(subtraction) between two like fractions can be done by adding (subtracting) the numerators of both fractions by fixing same denominator to the result. Like fractions are the fraction with same denominator.
For the addition (subtraction) between two unlike fractions , first we have to convert both denominators of the fractions to same value. This can be done by finding the LCM(Least Common multiple) of the denominators of the fractions. We can multiply and divide both the fractions by suitable constant to produce same value in both denominators.
Step 2
We have to find the value of subtraction of two algebraic fractions. We have like fractions.
Thus we only need to subtract the numerator.
Thus we get,
Hence we have the expression in simplest form.

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