\text{Add: }\frac{7}{6x^2}+\frac{2}{9x}



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Add:  76x2+29x

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Step 1
Two fractions can be added only when their denominators are equal. Since the denominators of the fractions are not equal, we need to first find the least common denominator.
Least common denominator of two terms is the lowest term that is divisible by both the terms. The lowest common denominator of the fractions is 18x2.
Multiply and divide the fractions 76x2 and 29x with 3 and 2x respectively, so that their denominators are equal to 18x2.
Step 2
As the denominators are equal now, add the numerator of both the fractions over the common denominator and simplify as follows:
Therefore, 76x2+29x=4x+2118x2

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