What is the fraction of 45%?



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What is the fraction of 45%?

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Gerald Lopez

Gerald Lopez

Beginner2021-12-30Added 29 answers

x% is equal to x100, so just substitute 45 for x to get:
You can divide each side by 5 to reduce the fraction to its simplest form, 920
Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt

Beginner2021-12-31Added 45 answers

45% can be written as .45, which is 45100 in the non-reduced fractional form.
When you reduce your fraction, you find the greatest common divisor of your numerator and denominator. This number ends up being 5, which then allows you to reduce, giving the following answer:
This cannot be reduced any further, therefore, 45% is 920 in fractional form.


Expert2022-01-08Added 777 answers

The below workout with step by step calculation shows how to find the equivalent fraction for decimal point number 0.45 manually.
Step 1:
Address input parameters and values. Input parameters and values: The decimal number = 0.45
Step 2:
Write is as a fraction 0.45
Step 3:
Multiply 100 to both numerator and denominator 0.45×1001×100=45100
It can be written as 45%=45100 of 45100
Step 4:
To simplify 45100 to its lowest terms, find LCM (Least Common Multiple) for 45 and 100.
5 is the LCM for 45 and 100
Step 5:
Divide numerator and denominator by 5

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