How would you convert a repeating decimal like 1.27 or

Concepcion Hale

Concepcion Hale

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How would you convert a repeating decimal like 1.27 or 0.6 into a fraction?

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Gerald Lopez

Gerald Lopez

Beginner2022-01-18Added 29 answers

The algorythm is given in the explanation. 
Your written fractions in the questions don't repeat. Most likely, you meant fractions like1.(27) or 0.(6) 
It must be enclosed in brackets if you want to imply that a decimal fraction has a period. A horizontal bar placed over the period, as suggested in the previous response, is another possible method of indicating a period. So you can write the repeating fraction as: 1.(27) or 1.27 
To show how such decimals can be changed into a fraction lets



Beginner2022-01-19Added 34 answers

The examples in your question are not examples of repeating decimals. A repeating decimal is one in which the same number is repeated infinitely. An example would be 0.666..., also written as 0.6 or 0.0909 also written as 0.09.

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