Out of 400 trees in a park, 280 are deciduous.

Salma Meza

Salma Meza

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Out of 400 trees in a park, 280 are deciduous. What fraction of number of trees in the park are deciduous?

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Step 1
Let's first talk about what a fraction can show, and I'll start by talking about pizza.
Let's say we have a pizza that has 8 slices and I eat 3 of them. I can write:
my slices of pizzatotal amount of pizza=38
We can do the same thing with the trees in the park.
trees in the park that are deciduoustotal number of trees in the park =280400
And technically we could stop here - we have a fraction. However, often times we want to express the fraction in lowest possible terms. To do that, we take out forms of the number 1 that are part of the bigger fraction:

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