Function to grab specific digits from a number? Recently



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Function to grab specific digits from a number?
Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about grabbing digits from numbers, for things like calculating multiplication persistence, i.e. turning 1234 into a 1×2×2×3×4. I’ve been able to come up with
to output the number of digits of the given number x, as well as
which outputs the first n digits of any number x. But that’s about as far as I’ve been able to think up. Is there any way to construct a function that retrieves the nth digit of a given number? Forgive me if my notation or comprehension is poor, I have no formal education in this field of maths.

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Theodore Davila

Theodore Davila

Beginner2022-03-25Added 14 answers

Step 1
If the digit you require is n places from the right (indexed from zero so the units place is at position 0, the tens place is at 1 and so forth), then the following function will return the n-th digit of the decimal integer x:
Example: f(123456,3)=3
You can replace 10 everywhere in the formula with any base b to generalise it.

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