I was trying to find the least value of |\sin



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I was trying to find the least value of |sinx|+|cosx| and applied the above inequality as :
But the range of the given function is [1,2].

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It doesn't hold iff x and y have the same sign. As for your problem remember that if a1 then a2a so
and for upper bound (remember (a+b)22(a2+b2)):


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|sinx+cosx||sinx|+|cosx| is correct.
But, for example, if x=0 then both sides are 1; thus we cannot conclude 2|sinx|+|cosx|


Expert2022-01-08Added 669 answers

Let {f(x)=sinx+cosxg(x)=|sin(x)|+|cos(x)|
Notice that g(x+π2)=|cos(x)|+|sin(x)|=g(x) so
g is periodic of period π2 and we can study it on [0,π2].
But on this interval both sin and cos are positive, so we can get rid of absolute values and g(x)=f(x) on [0,π2].
You now can use the addition formulas to transform f to f(x)=2sin(x+π4) and see that f(x) has values between 0 and 2 while g(x) has values between 1 and 2.

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