How do you divide \frac{-2-5i}{3i}?

Brock Brown

Brock Brown

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How do you divide 25i3i?

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Beginner2022-01-19Added 34 answers

To solve 25i3i
multiply numerator and denominator by i (note i2=1)
and we get i(25i)i(3i) or 2i5i23i2
or 2i5(1)31 i.e. 52i3, which is equivalent to
Answer: 53+(23)i
Hattie Schaeffer

Hattie Schaeffer

Beginner2022-01-20Added 37 answers

The denominator of the fraction is required to be real. To achieve this multiply the numerator and denominator by 3i.
[Note: i2=(1)2=1]

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