( 2x+3y =10 3x+4y=20

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( 2x+3y =103x+4y=20

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Given system of equation:{2x+3y=103x+4y=20Write the problem as a mathematical expression.2x+3y=103x+4y=20Solver for x in 2x+3y =10x=53y23x+4y=20Replace all occurrences of x with 53y2 in each equation.15y2=20x=53y2Solve for y in 15y2=20y=10x=53y2Replace all occurrences of y with 10 in each equation.x=20y=10The solution to the system is the complete set of ordered pairs that are valid solutions.20,10The result can be shown in multiple forms.Point Form: 20,10Equation Form: x=20,y=10

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