Let \(\displaystyle{A}\:={f}^{{2}}+{g}^{{2}}\), where f,g are functions of

Aryan Salinas

Aryan Salinas

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Let A=f2+g2, where f,g are functions of x such that
for some constant c.
How do I show that A4|c1|A ?

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Abdullah Avery

Abdullah Avery

Beginner2022-03-22Added 19 answers

Cauchy-Schwartz' inequality tells you that
Starting from your result, we obtain
Malia Booth

Malia Booth

Beginner2022-03-23Added 16 answers

You could also use the second to last equation to find via trigonometric theorems for the double angle
then using that
like in the construction of Pythagorean triples you even get

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