If there are 20 people with 17 men and 3

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Adriana Ayers

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If there are 20 people with 17 men and 3 women and they seat themselves randomly at 4 Tables (A,B,C,D) with 5 people each. With all arrangements being equally likely, what is the probability that no woman sits at table A ?

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Beginner2022-06-20Added 19 answers

Formulate the question this way: there are 20 people in a room, 17M and 3W. there's a table with 5 seats, what is the probability that only men sit in this table?
Part 1: the universe:
How many combination of 5 can you form from 20? Answer ( 20 5 )
Part 2: your request:
You request to know how many M only can be seated in this table? Answer ( 17 5 )
Part 3: Result
so the answer is:
( 17 5 ) ( 20 5 )

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