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Elementary geometryAnswered question
Bentley Doyle Bentley Doyle 2023-01-06

How to draw the parabola y=3x(x+2)?

Elementary geometryAnswered question
kyrtilioo kyrtilioo 2022-12-16

Does a parabola have an inverse

Coordinate geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with geometric problems using coordinates. It is used to solve equations and questions by plotting points on a graph and by creating lines, circles, and shapes. It can also be used to calculate distances, angles, and areas. Coordinate geometry can help you understand real-world problems and visualize solutions. For example, it can be used to analyze the trajectory of a projectile or the location of a satellite. Whether you need help with coordinate geometry questions or equations, this math site can provide the answers. Take advantage of our experts and their extensive knowledge to get the help you need and learn more about coordinate geometry.