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nyle2k8431 nyle2k8431 2022-11-04

Interpret a Cohen's d of 42.83

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Jensen Mclean Jensen Mclean 2022-09-28

Meta-analysis helps researchers do which of the following:

a. Investigate the effects of minimum wage increases through controlled laboratory experiments
b. Infer the effects of increases in the minimum wage by averaging the results of other studies
c. Generally find elasticity estimates for labor demand to be highly elastic
d. Examine changes in the minimum wage in multiple countries

I think answer is b. according to the literature below:

"Research since 2007, however, has reported conflicting findings. Some studies use “meta-analysis,” averaging across a set of studies to draw conclusions. For example, Doucouliagos and Stanley (2009) report an average elasticity across studies of −0.19, consistent with earlier conclusions, but argue that the true effect is closer to zero; they suggest that the biases of authors and journal editors make it more likely that studies with negative estimates will be published. However, without strong assumptions it is impossible to rule out an alternative interpretation—that peer review and publication lead to more evidence of negative estimates because the true effect is negative. In addition, meta-analyses do not assign more weight to the most compelling evidence. Indeed, they often downweight less precise estimates, even though the lower precision may be attributable to more compelling research strategies that ask more of the data. In short, meta-analysis is no substitute for critical evaluation of alternative studies."

We often hear about meta-analysis problems when we are dealing with statistical data and need to provide information based on certain variables. Depending on what questions you need to address, you must start with the examples that will help you to understand the problems in each particular case. Some of them will deal with equations, while meta analysis statistic will require strategic thinking that will differ from what you might perceive as the meta analysis. The best of both worlds is to examine as much as you can, based on our answers to the Meta challenges that are studied today.