How to solve the system 2x+4y=8 and x+y=1 by graphing?

Shania Houston

Shania Houston

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How to solve the system 2 x + 4 y = 8 and x + y = 1 by graphing?

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Carlee Floyd

Carlee Floyd

Beginner2023-03-11Added 6 answers

The graphical method isn't often used to solve any set of linear equations because it takes a long time, but take a look at it.
x + y = 1 put any 2 distinct values of x to get 2 distinct values of y .
like the set of values could be
x = 1 y = 0
x = 0 y = 1
do the same for other equation . plot these values on graph .since these are linear equations the graph would show a straight line .
the point at which the lines intersect is common solution .

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