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Recent questions in Algebra I
Algebra IAnswered question
Draven Sellers Draven Sellers 2023-03-28

Solve for y. 2y - 3 = 9

Algebra IAnswered question
Alfredo Dyer Alfredo Dyer 2023-03-28

How to graph y = 2 x + 1 using a table?

Algebra IAnswered question
Talon Cannon Talon Cannon 2023-03-28

simplify 257

Algebra IAnswered question
lilniggyirn1 lilniggyirn1 2023-03-28

Write the numerical value of 1.75 × 10 - 3

Algebra IAnswered question
taxiereneo5k taxiereneo5k 2023-03-28

How to graph y = 1 2 x - 1 ?

Algebra IAnswered question
Kara Cummings Kara Cummings 2023-03-27

How to solve the two step equation 12 - 3 x = 6 ?

Algebra IAnswered question
Lacey Cordova Lacey Cordova 2023-03-27

Write 18 thousand in scientific notation.

Algebra IAnswered question
ystyrixkzd ystyrixkzd 2023-03-27

Write 0.0003 in scientific notation.

Algebra IAnswered question
valsmithv2qm valsmithv2qm 2023-03-26

How to graph the equation y = x - 2 ?

Algebra IAnswered question
Tarodette2c2n Tarodette2c2n 2023-03-26

How to graph x - y = 4 ?

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