How to graph the equation y=3x-4?

Isis Everett

Isis Everett

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How to graph the equation y = 3 x - 4 ?

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Beginner2023-03-24Added 7 answers

y = 3 x -4
The minus four is where you start the line on the y axis, while the 3 x tells you how far you go up per one across the x axis.


Beginner2023-03-25Added 5 answers

Okay, so the slope of the line is 3, which means that every 1 unit you move to the right (x-axis) you move up 3 (y-axis). You also have a y-intercept (also called a vertical shift) of negative 4. In a standard graph devoid of the shift, you would start at (0,0), but since you have it your graph starts at (0,-4). After this point, your next one would be (1,-1), then (2,2), and so on and so forth.

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