Name the function f(x) = 1/x



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Name the function f(x)=1x

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The function f(x)=1x is called a reciprocal function. Its range is the set of positive real numbers excluding zero, since division by zero is not defined and its domain is the set of real numbers.
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Eliza Beth13

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To solve the function f(x)=1x, we need to find the value of x for which f(x) equals a specific value.
Let's say we want to find the value of x when f(x)=a, where a is a constant.
We can start by setting up the equation:
To solve for x, we can multiply both sides of the equation by x:
Now, we can isolate x by dividing both sides by a:
Therefore, the solution to the equation f(x)=1x when f(x)=a is x=1a.


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The function can be represented as f(x)=1x. To solve this function, we need to find the values of x for which f(x) is defined.
Since division by zero is undefined, we know that x cannot be equal to zero, so we have x0.
To find the inverse of the function, we can solve for x in terms of f(x):
Multiply both sides by x to isolate x on one side:
Divide both sides by y to solve for x:
Therefore, the inverse function f1(x) is given by:
In conclusion, the function f(x)=1x is defined for all x except x=0, and its inverse function is f1(x)=1x.

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