In each item, do the following analytically:



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In each item, do the following analytically: (a) find the relative extrema of f. (b) determine the values of x at which the relative extrema occur. (c) determine the intervals on which f is increasing. (d) determine the intervals on which f is decreasing. f(x)=x33x29x

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(a) Find the domain of the funtion f(x)=x33x29x, xR Finde the derivative f(x)=3x26x9 Find the domain of derivative f(x)=3x26x9, xR Substitute f'(x)=0 0=3x26x9 Solve equation x=1
Determine th intervals ,1,1,3
1,3,3,+ Choose the points x1=2
x4=0 Calculate the values of the derivatives f(2)=15
f(4)=15 The relative maximum at x=-1 The relative minimum is at x=3 f(x)=3x26x9, x=1
f(x)=3x26x9, x=3 Calculate the value f(1)=5
f(3)=-27 The relative maximum of the function is 5 at x=-1 The relative minimum of the function is -27 at x=3 (b) To find x-intercept, substitute f(x)=0 0=x33x29x Swap the sides x33x29x=0 Factor the expression x×(x23x9)=0 Separate onto possible cases x=0
x23x9=0 Solve the equation x=0
x=3352 There is 3 solutions (c) and (d) Let's plot the polynomial to determine the intervals of increasing and decreasing. Increase by: (,1),(3,) Decreases by: (1,3) image

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