To perform: the given operation 0.946\ L-210\ ml

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To perform: the given operation 0.946 L210 ml

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Gloria Lusk

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Step 1
Consider 0.946 L210 ml
The given numbers are to be subtrected.
For subtraction both units must be same. For that, anyone of the unit need to be changed means 0.946 l to ml or 210 ml to L
For the conversion 0.946 L to ml, the unit fraction is taken
1 L=1000 ml
From this, the units of capacity is converted as
1 L1000 ml=1000 ml1 L=1
The number is multiplied with 1000 ml1 L
0.946 L=0.946 L1×1
=0.946 L1×1000 ml1 L
=0.946 L×1000 ml
=946 ml
Now, subtract the numbers
946 ml210 ml736 ml
Hence, 0.946 L210 ml is 736 ml

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