Factor 2x^{2}−8x−10 completely.



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Factor 2x28x10 completely.

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Mary Darby

Mary Darby

Beginner2021-12-07Added 11 answers

Step 1
To split the middle term:
Multiplying the coefficient of x2 and the constant term =20
The coefficient of =8
We want the product of two numbers to be -20 and sum of the same two numbers to be -8
Cleartly, the numbers are -10 and 2
Step 2
Therefore, we split the middle term accordingly, we have
Taking 2x common from 1st two terms and 2 common from last two terms, we have
Again, taking x5 common from the complete expression, we have
Therefore, 2x28x10=2(x+1)(x5)

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