How do you write 7\times 7\times7 \times7 \times7 in exponential



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How do you write 7×7×7×7×7 in exponential form?

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Becky Harrison

Becky Harrison

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An exponent is the same as an index and tells us what a power is made up of.
The powers of 7 are:7; 49;343; 2,401; 16,807.
They are written with exponents as:


Beginner2021-12-18Added 33 answers

A short hand method of writing repeated multiplication of a number is to express it in exponent form.
For example.
2×2=22 the 2 in 22 is called the base and the 2 in the 22 the exponent
also 2×2×2×2=24 and so on
⇒=7×7×7×7×7=75 in exponential form
The base is the value of the number being multiplied, in this case 7
and the exponent is the number of times, the number is being multiplied. In this case 5.

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