Need to calculate: The value of F(10) for the function F(x)=begin{cases}2x if x<3 -5x if xgeq 3 end{cases}



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Need to calculate: The value of F(10) for the function F(x)={2x if x<35x if x3

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Formula used:
Some functions are defined by different equations for various parts for their domains.
Those functions are called piecewise-defined functions.
To solve the piecewise-defined function for an input, we will determine that which part of the domain it belongs to and use the appropriate formula for that part of the domain.
Consider the provided function,
F(x)={2x if x<35x if x3
The function provided is defined in multiple equations.
Therefore, to determine F(10) identify in which equation 10 will lie.
10 lies in the interval x3. Therefore, to determine the value of F (10), F(x)=5x will be used.
Substitute x=10 into the equation F(x)=5x.
Hence, the value of F (10) is -50.

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