Q: Let {(x^{m}\sin\frac{1}{x};,x \ne 0),(0;,x=0):} Find the set of values of

David Young

David Young

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Q: Let {xmsin1x;x00;x=0
Find the set of values of m for which
(i) f(x) is continuous at x=0
(ii) f(x) is differentiable at x=0
(iii) f(x) is continuous but not differentiable at x=0.

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Bernard Lacey

Bernard Lacey

Beginner2021-12-27Added 30 answers

The given function is:
i) f is continuous at x=0 if
Now, limx0f(x)
x=0 is m>0
limx0f(0)0 if m<0
δ0 f is continuous for mt(0,)
Jenny Bolton

Jenny Bolton

Beginner2021-12-28Added 32 answers

ii) Now, f(x)=mxm1sin1x+xmcos(1x)(1x2)
mxm1sin(1x)xm2cos(1x) if x0
So, it is differentiable at x=0
if m>2 because then only 
f(x) is differentiable 
Hence, f is continuous but only differentiable at x=0 if m[2,)



Expert2022-01-09Added 613 answers

iii) So, f is continuous but only differentiable at
is on (0, 2)

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