How do you find the zeroes for f(x)=x^{2}-9x-70?

Anderson Melton

Anderson Melton

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How do you find the zeroes for f(x)=x29x70?

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Step 1
We need to think of two numbers, that, when I add them, sum up to -9, and when I multiply them, have a product of -70. Since the product is negative, we know the signs must be different.
Through some thought, we arrive at -14 and 5 as our two numbers, because
14+5=9 and
Thus, our equation is as follows:
To find the zeroes, we take the opposite signs to get
x=14 and x=5
Nevaeh Jensen

Nevaeh Jensen

Beginner2022-01-25Added 14 answers

Step 1
To solve f(x), find 2 numbers (real roots) knowing the sum (b=9) and the product (c=70). They are: - 5 and 14.
Note . This method avoids proceeding the lengthy factoring by grouping and solving the 2 binomials.

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