Eric sells movie tickets. Adult tickets cost $8 and children's tickets cost $5. He keeps 15% of his sales. Which expression represents how much he keeps? A. 1.2a + 0.75c B. 8a + 5c C. 15(8a + 5c) D. 0.15(13ac)



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Eric sells movie tickets. Adult tickets cost $8 and childrens

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Usamah Prosser

Usamah Prosser

Skilled2021-01-26Added 86 answers

If aa represents the number of adult tickets and cc represents the number of children's tickets, then 8a+5c is the total sales. Since Eric keeps 15% of his sales, then he keeps 0.15(8a+5c) or 1.2a+0.75c. So, the answer is choice A.
Jeffrey Jordon

Jeffrey Jordon

Expert2021-12-11Added 2605 answers

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