How much power is produced if a voltage of 4V



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How much power is produced if a voltage of 4V is applied to a circuit with a resistance of 27 Ω ?

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Lucille Lucas

Lucille Lucas

Beginner2022-05-19Added 16 answers

Probably not a lot more explanation needed. We are given a voltage (V) And a resistance ( Ω). We know that the expression for power in a circuit is P=VI, but we don't know the current.
We do know a way to find the current, given the voltage and the resistance: Ohm's Law :
I = V R
We could calculate the current and then substitute that into the expression for the power, but I decided to combine the equations instead:
P = V I = V ( V R ) = V 2 R
Then it's just a matter of substituting in the values we have and we know the power produced by the circuit.

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