The simplified form of the expressiondisplaystyle{sqrt[{{3}}]{{a}}}{sqrt[{{6}}]{{a}}} text{in radicalnotation is} sqrt{a}.



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The simplified form of the expressiona3a6 in radical notation is a.

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Fatema Sutton

Fatema Sutton

Skilled2021-03-19Added 88 answers

Formula used: 
Step 1: First convert the radical expression into exponential expressions. 
Step 2: Simplify the exponential expression by adding exponents or subtracting exponents. 
Step 3: Now, convert the exponential expression into radical expression. 
Exponents of positive reason:
anm=an/m or an/m=anm 
Power of product: 
Consider the provided expression, a3a6 
Next, use the formula for positive rational exponents to translate the provided radical expression into exponential notation anm=an/m 
a3a6=a1/3a1/6 ...... (1) 
Now, solve the exponents. 
=36 ...... (2) 
Now put equation (2) in equation (1), 
Now convert the exponential expression into radical expression using formula 
Therefore, the simplified form of the expression a3a6 in radical notation is a.

Jeffrey Jordon

Jeffrey Jordon

Expert2021-10-25Added 2605 answers

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