The equation is displaystyle{16}{x}^{2}+{9}{y}^{2}-{98}{x}+{5}{y}+{224}={0}



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The equation is 16x2+9y298x+5y+224=0

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All conic section can be written in the general form
The conic section represented by an equation in general form can be determine the coefficient.
If coefficient is B24AC<0,B=0andA=C, then its equation of circle.
If coefficient is B24AC<0,B0orAC, then its equation of ellipse
If coefficient is B24AC>0, then its equation of hyperbola
If coefficicent is B24AC=0, then its equation of ellipse
To find value of B24AC
Compare general equation with given equation
Here A=16,B=0,C=9,D=98,E=5andF=224
Here B24AC<0,andAC
Therefore ,the given equation as an ellipse.

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