Evaluate iterated integral. \int_1^2\int_4^9\frac{3+5y}{\sqrt{x}}dxdy

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Rivka Thorpe

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Evaluate iterated integral.

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We can evaluate the double integral by integrating with respect to each variable one by one according to their order in the integration term . After integrating with respect to one variable , we have to apply its limit and then we can perform integration using next variable .
The following integration formulas can be used here ,
Consider the double integral 12493+5yxdxdy
Where x can be written as x12 using the conversion formula of radical to exponent m{an}=anm
The expression can be written as (3+5y)x12 by taking x12 to the numerator.
Thus we can write the integral as 1249(3+5y)x12dxdy
First we have to integrate with respect to x by taking y terms outside as a constant.
Use the formula xndx=xn+1n+1+C

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