Assume that A is row equivalent to B. Find bases for Nul A and Col A.



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Suppose that A is row equivalent to B. Find bases for the null space of A and the column space of A.

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Since B is a row echelon form of A, we see that the first, third and fifth columns of A are its pivot columns. Thus a basis fo Col A is
To find a basis for Nul A, we find the general solution of Ax=0 in terms of the free variables. Since it is row equivalent to B we can simply get reduced row echelon form of B:
[12045005780000900000]R215R2R319R3  [120450057500000100000]
to get: x1=2x24x4,x3=75x4, x5=0, with x2 and x4 free. So
And a basis for Nul A is
Result: Basis for Col A is:
Basis for Nul A is

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