find an approximation of sqrt(2) via picard's iterations

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Since 21+11+1+11+1+11+2 I thought i could do rn+1sn+1=1+11+1+11+1+11+rnsn with the following piece of code :

ite = 8
int r = 1;
int s = 1;
int R = 0;
for (int i=0,i<ite,1){
    R = 3*r+4*s;
int result = r/s;

But it's not exactly the code one would get using picard's iteration method, so my answer does not fit the criteria. What am-I doing wrong?


If one does not know the answer but knows how to visualise picard's method for calculating sqrt(2) on a graph that would already help me a lot.


Thanks in advance

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