How do you find the exact value of \cos^{-1}0



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How do you find the exact value of cos10

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Louis Page

Louis Page

Beginner2021-12-17Added 34 answers

What is the arc which cosine is zero?: two posibilities 90=π2 and 270=3π2
This is assuming that cos1 is the inverse of cosine. There is no missunderstanding if use arccos instead of cos1 Because cos1 is also understud as 1cos=sec which is different
Heather Fulton

Heather Fulton

Beginner2021-12-18Added 31 answers

The trig ratios are defined as ratios of side lengths of a right-angled triangle. cos is the adjacent side divided by the hypotenuse, i.e. the length of the short side next to the angle being considered divided by the length of the long side next to it that isnt

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