How to graph y=-\cos(x)

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How to graph y=cos(x)

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Start from y=cos(x):
graph {cos(x) [6,6,2,2]}
For the same value of argument of x function cos(x) takes a value that is equal to the value of cos(x) by absolute value, but opposite in its sign.
So, when cos(x) is positive, cos(x) is negative with the x-axis being an axis of symmetry. And, when cos(x) is negative, cos(x) is symmetrically positive with the x-axis.
The graph of y=cos(x): {cos(x) [6,6,2,2]}
It's mirror image of a graph of function y=cos(x) with the x-axis acting as a mirror.
Generally, graphs of y=f(x) and y=f(x) are symmetrical relative to the x-axis.
Raymond Foley

Raymond Foley

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The graph of y=cosx is {cosx [6,6,2,2]}

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