Why must x be acute for the identity \sqrt{\frac{1-\sin x}{1+\sin

Tori Hines

Tori Hines

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Why must x be acute for the identity 1sinx1+sinx=secxtanx to hold true?

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The first quadrant is 0x90 and the fourth quadrant is 270x360 or this is the same as 90x0. That is
represents both the first and the fourth quadrant.


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The important point is that “identity” is true only when 90<x<90.
In another word, it is not true when the terminal arm falls in QII and QIII.
Note that the angle lies in 90<x<0 is also an acute angle, because the minus sign only refers to moving the terminal arm in the clockwise direction. The resultant angle is still acute.
Added: To move the terminal arm through 330 in the anticlockwise direction is the same as moving it through 30 in the clockwise direction.

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