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Recent questions in Decimals
Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Ivan Waters Ivan Waters 2023-03-22

Convert the fraction 13/25 into decimal form.

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Donte Holder Donte Holder 2023-03-14

7 hundredths in decimal is?

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
azurishba azurishba 2023-03-03

Find 36.8 × 10

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Chanel Thomas Chanel Thomas 2023-02-28

What is the decimal form of 12/100 ?

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
inimigurhkg inimigurhkg 2023-02-24

How to write 0.8 as a percentage?

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Kira Mahoney Kira Mahoney 2023-02-22

1 ten and 5 ones = ______

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
i6ch5i6ns3op3 i6ch5i6ns3op3 2023-02-20

Convert 81000 into decimals.

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
marinacabello82g3 marinacabello82g3 2023-02-20

Decimal 16.25 is equal to the fraction ?.

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
stelarysj2ix stelarysj2ix 2023-02-19

Express the following decimal as percent:0.04

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
voteerto55 voteerto55 2023-02-14

How to change 0.72 into a fraction?

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