Mastering Proportions: Problems and Examples

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immarehealopbsc immarehealopbsc 2023-03-22

Two equivalent ratios for 3:7.

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Sonny Malone Sonny Malone 2023-03-19

Ten hundred thousand = ________ million

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Troy Kaufman Troy Kaufman 2023-03-13

Convert 28 35 into percentage.

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Kimora Ward Kimora Ward 2023-03-02

How to simplify 24 : 36?

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Vanduohp Vanduohp 2023-02-25

Find all the multiples of 9 up to 100.

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Jimena Mcconnell Jimena Mcconnell 2023-02-16

What percent of 20 is 5?

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lilpressler083bl6 lilpressler083bl6 2023-02-15

Estimate the sum of 202 and 57.

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balvvin7ji balvvin7ji 2023-02-13

270 divided by which number gives -54?

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