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Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Lyallpurpezx Lyallpurpezx 2023-03-28

Solve: (128÷32)÷(−4)=
A) -1
B) 2
C) -4
D) -3

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
e2t1rek7cav e2t1rek7cav 2023-03-25

How to simplify the expression 4a+2b+a?

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Elias Hardy Elias Hardy 2023-03-24

What is the vertex form of a parabola?

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
amebulauvbr amebulauvbr 2023-03-23

Factorise 2 x 2 x 6

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Jacoby Blevins Jacoby Blevins 2023-03-22

How to solve for y in the equation 2x+y=6?

Pre-AlgebraAnswered question
Neil Davidson Neil Davidson 2023-03-22

How to know if x=15 is a function?

Contrary to a popular belief, equation in math also contains things like inequalities and expressions that require logic and verbal explanations. This is where equation help becomes useful as you look at the answers below. See equation problems submitted by students like you and explore the answers. It will help you to understand the logic as you approach equation algebra and study expressions examples. These are not as complex as they may seem once you learn how to connect expressions and equations and understand them as a finite combination of symbols, depending on use.