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Calculus 2Answered question
Riley Barton Riley Barton 2023-03-24

How to implicitly differentiate x y = x - 2 y ?

Calculus 2Answered question
Erin Stafford Erin Stafford 2023-03-23

What is the derivative of x + 1 y ?

Calculus 2Answered question
Ian Lindsey Ian Lindsey 2023-03-23

What is 2xy differentiated implicitly?

Calculus 2Answered question
Lexi Holmes Lexi Holmes 2023-03-21

How to differentiate x 2 3 + y 2 3 = 4 ?

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Aaliyah Hubbard Aaliyah Hubbard 2023-02-22

How to find the derivative of x e y + y = x y ?

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laminarskq2p laminarskq2p 2023-02-21

How to find ((d^2)y)/(dx^2)?

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audioblogn8ci audioblogn8ci 2023-02-17

How to find d y d x given sin y = x 2 ?

Calculus 2Answered question
ngukusizabw7 ngukusizabw7 2023-02-13

How to differentiate x y 2 - x 3 y = 6 ?

Implicit differentiation is a method used to find the derivative of an equation in which the equation is not written in the form "y = something". It involves differentiating each side of the equation with respect to the same variable, typically "x", and is useful for finding derivatives of equations with multiple variables and higher-order derivatives. Examples include finding derivatives of equations involving circles, lines, and parabolas. By practicing implicit differentiation, students can learn to solve complex equations and understand the relationship between a function and its derivative.